Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard mileage rate? The standard business mileage rate for 2016 is 54 cents per mile. The standard business mileage rate for 2017 was 53.5 cents per mile. Commuting mileage to work is not deductible, per IRS rules. What is the Personal Exemption amount for 2016? The personal exemption amount for 2016 is $4,050 for each eligible person and dependent. What is the standard Deduction for 2016? For single individuals and married filing separately, the standard deduction for 2016 and is 6,300. For married filing jointly, the standard deduction for 2016 is $12,600. For head of household, the standard deduction for 2016 is 9,300. Can I pay my taxes by credit card? Yes by visiting the official credit card payment site of the IRS online at  To learn more about this service, you can visit the IRS web site at www.irs.govThe firm does not accept payment of your taxes through its credit card account, or through its online payment page. Can I e-file my return for 2016? Yes, we offer e-file service for all 2016 federal and state tax returns. There is no additional charge that will apply, only our regular tax return preparation fee. When can I expect my tax return? We prepare tax returns in the order they were received in the office. Earlier in the tax season, you should expect to receive your return within a few days after you send it in, or furnish additional information. Later in the season, it could take several weeks to prepare your return due to high volume. Can I pay my bill from your firm online? Yes, you can pay your bill online using our secure online payment page. We accept Visa and Mastercard at this time. We do not accept tax payments owed to federal and state agencies through our web site. Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard only for payment of your bill with the firm. We do not accept tax payments to federal & state agencies by credit card. When do I have to send in my tax return information to make sure that my return is done on time? We will guarantee that your return will be completed prior to a deadline if you send us all the information necessary to complete the return no later than ten days prior to a due date. This includes missing information or answers to questions that we request from you after you send us the initial information. If we are not able to complete your return on time, due to receiving your information late, we will automatically file an extension on your behalf. You do not have to sign your extension, but if you owe tax, we will contact you and ask you to make a tax payment with your extension. Can I ask for an extension of time to pay my taxes if I cannot pay them with the tax return? There is no extension of time to pay your taxes. If you cannot pay the balance due with your tax return, file the return anyway and pay what you are able with the return. The IRS will bill you for the remainder. If you cannot finish paying for the taxes within a relatively short time (usually 2-3 months), you can request an installment agreement from the IRS. We can assist you with that process, if you need help. How is my fee for preparing my taxes or accounting work determined? Most fees charged by our firm are determined based upon the hourly rates of the staff members participating in your work. There is no set fee for most types of tax returns, they are dependent upon the amount of time it takes to complete the work. You can reduce your fee by sending your information to us in a highly organized manner, free from errors, and complete, and by promptly responding to our questions about your information, or for our requests to you for additional information. Does my tax return preparation fee include representation in an audit of that tax return? No, if your return is audited and you want us to represent you, you will be billed for the time that we spend working on the audit, in addition to the bill you received for the preparation of your tax return. If you ask us to respond to IRS correspondence on your behalf, we will also bill you for the time that we spend preparing that correspondence, or gathering the information necessary to respond. What do you charge to do a tax return? There is no standard fee for tax returns. Each return is billed based upon the amount of time spent by the staff members who work on the return. There is no additional fee for electronically filing your return and requesting direct deposit of your refund. When do I have to pay for my tax return preparation? Typically, you will be required to pay your tax return preparation fee upon the delivery or when you pick up the returns, or if your return is to be e-filed, by your e-mail notification with your tax return copy attached. We normally do not extend credit to clients for tax return preparation, or for other accounting work. For your convenience, we will be accepting credit cards this tax season. ©2016 Daniel J. Chechele, P.A.